Stop Logan TAFE Cuts

Stop_TAFE_Cuts.jpgNational TAFE Day a reminder of Newman’s cuts that hurt the young people that are trying their guts out to get the skills to get a job. Unemployment is up, yet TAFE costs have gone up too.
As Yvette D'ath said today “The truth is TAFE is becoming unaffordable, especially for those that rely on it the most”, and "The Newman Government is locking people out of education and training with its plans to systematically dismantling Queensland TAFE colleges through cutting staff, reducing course offerings and significantly increasing fees,”


Support Childcare in Logan

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Save Logan Buses

The LNP Government has taken the axe to Logan City bus routes, leaving many local residents behind.

Many local families rely on bus services to get to and from work, and take their kids to local parks and shopping centres.

As part of the cuts, the bus route that takes local students to and from Griffith University has been scrapped and the services that assist pensioners getting around their local community have reduced operating hours.

I am deeply concerned about the reductions in evening and weekend services, which pose a threat to passenger safety. Logan residents who work night shift and work outside of normal hours are now left without safe transport home.

It’s critical, particularly for young women, that bus services continue to run at off-peak times.

These cuts are unacceptable. The Newman Government must immediately reverse its decision to cut Logan City bus routes.


Save Medicare from Newman and Abbott's cuts


The Budget has been released and we're all going to have to pay for Tony's Abbott's lies.

It includes a $7 GP tax every time you see a doctor and a $5 hike on the price of your prescriptions.

Let's send a message: Australians won't stand for
messing with our universal healthcare system.

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