Logan Motorway

Changes to Logan Motorway - Improving the Way we Travel

Plans for the upgrade of the Logan Motorway with additional lanes, underpasses and overpasses, and the removal of roundabouts will reduce congestion, improve travel time, allow traffic to flow freely and improve safety for motorists in and around Logan.  These changes will support us now and into the future for our growing city.

Construction will commence this year, so it’s important that we know how these improvements will change the way we travel. 

Key changes to get traffic moving include:

  • Motorists heading north along Mt Lindesay Highway towards the City will no longer be disrupted by traffic coming across the Highway to head toward Ipswich.
  • The “Stop and Give Way” across the Mt Lindesay Highway will be removed and a dedicated underpass will be constructed for southbound motorists allowing direct access to the Logan Motorway heading toward Ipswich.
  • A dedicated flyover off-ramp for motorists heading from Mt Lindesay Highway to the Logan Motorway and the Gateway Extension Motorway will eliminate current weaving arrangements and the tight turns off the Mt Lindesay Highway.
  • An additional two-lane service road directly to the Gateway Motorway, and additional lanes between Mt Lindesay Highway and Gateway Motorway (four westbound and three eastbound) will greatly improve traffic flow and safety for motorists.
  • An additional lane on Beaudesert Road and Mt Lindesay Highway southbound from the Logan Motorway to Browns Plains Road exit will increase safety and capacity for motorists. Merging and weaving will further be reduced by a set of traffic lights where the Mt Lindesay Highway southbound meets the westbound service road.
  • Wembley Road bridge will be duplicated to four lanes, and Wembley Road will be widened to four lanes between Greenfern Drive and Pagewood Street.
  • In addition, the Illaweena Street roundabout will be removed and replaced with a signalised T-intersection, and relocation of westbound on and off-ramps.
  • Anderson Street will also be upgraded with a signalised intersection and additional turning bays which will be extended. 

These changes will take time, but they will make an enormous difference to Logan. Your feedback made an enormous difference to the final plan and I'd be interested in knowing what you think of the final plan. 

Which improvements matters the most to you?

Stopping traffic turning right across the Mt Lindesay Highway via a dedicated underpass.
Dedicated 2 lane road from the Gatway to the Mt Lindesay so that traffic no longer needs to enter and exit the traffic on Logan Motorway.
Duplicating the Wembley Road Bridge to 4 lanes and removing the round about.
New on and off-ramps at Compton Road reducing congestion on Beaudesert Road.
Reducing travel times.
Safer entering and exiting ramps that eliminating weaving with other traffic.

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