St Pat's Raffle supporting Labor in Logan

First prize is the fantastic artisan craft stilled Glendalough Gin.glendaloghgin.jpg

Every season Glendalough works with local foragers in the wilds of the Wicklow country side foraging for the freshest and most interesting local botanicals, berries and fruit.

They then distill small batches of  seasonal Gin in our Holstein copper still with each season being different.


powers.jpgSecond prize is Ireland's favourite Whiskey named after your favourite Irish family. 

John Power and Sons Gold label from the Middleton Distillery in County Cork.

Made from triple distilled pot still & grain whiskeys. The creation of the pot still side of our whiskey begins by malting barley, then drying it in enclosed kilns so as to not impart any smokey flavor - unlike many other whiskies.

Tickets are $5 each and the Logan ALP campaign wishes you the best of Irish luck. The raffle will be drawn at 8PM on the 17th of March at the Limes Hotel.

Who's donating

Shannon Fogarty
Poya Sobhanian
Paddy Keys-Macpherson
Ray Marx
Matthew Pitman

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