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Click on the link below to purchase a raffle ticket. Thanks for helping Logan Labor and Linus Power's campaign.

Who's donating

Paul Wincen
Joseph Kelly
Kerry Nielsen
Kaye Fagan
Tim Shipstone
Daniel Cheverton
Alexander Asher
Glenn Kefford
Aaron Broughton
Judith MacDonald
Jim Chalmers
Teresa Lane
Linus Power
Beverley Wiles
Sarah Mawhinney
Bruce Leslie
John Chirgwin
Victor Lee
Dennis Bailey
Dennis Bailey
Linus Power
Michelle Curran

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All donations $1,000 or more will be disclosed. Your name and address is required; anonymous and overseas donations are not allowed. Donations are tax deductible. The ECQ has disclosure requirements for donations exceeding $1,000. Further information is available on the ECQ website.