Fairer Fares

Listening to locals on public transport


As the representative of the Logan Electorate I’ve been listening to locals on public transport, that’s why I’ve fought for better services and fairer fares.

The Palaszczuk Government has taken this issue seriously. The fare review last year has come up with some good suggestions that take the pressures off commuters and families. This would reduce congestion on our roads so that everyone benefits. 

The alternative under the last LNP government is clear, many services were cut or reduced in Logan and fares increased - at the same time passenger numbers reduced and congestion on our roads increased.

I know that the cost of living is important and wherever and whenever I can I'll fight to contain costs or as in this case reduce the cost of something vital like public transport.

Go to the Translink New Fares and Zones page to see how much you will save. 

Linus Power

State Member of Parliament for Logan

 Key Features of Fairer Fares

  • Simplifying 23 zones into 8 zones.

  • Cheaper fares for all travel

  • Extending off-peak travel 20% discount

  • Kids get free travel on weekends

  • Retaining existing senior’s discounts

  • Introducing 8 trips and then 50% discount for subsequent travel for commuters

  • Concessions to encourage jobseekers

  • Continuing to listen to public transport users through the new Fares Advisory Panel.




Which route is most important to you and your family? Please tick.

Before 6am (now off peak) Express to city P142 from Park Ridge or Greenbank RSL reduced from $6.69 to $4.77
560 bus from Heritage Park to Logan Hospital reduced from $3.35 to $3.20 saving $0.15
140 bus to CBD Myer Centre reduced from $5.96 to $3.90 saving $2.06
150 bus to Garden City reduced from $3.93 to $3.20 saving $0.73
543 bus from Heritage Park or Regents Park reduced from $3.35 to $3.20 saving $0.15
540 bus from Jimboomba reduced from $5.24 to $3.90 a saving of $1.34

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